Questions to Ask a Listing Agent

  1. Do you work full or part-time as a real estate agent?

  2. How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood in the past year or two?                            
  3. How well do you know this neighborhood and the issues affecting it?

  4. How many sellers are you representing now?

  5. What aspects of the transaction will you personally handle and which will be delegated to others?                                                                      
  6. Are you knowledgeable about my type of house and can you explain its key features to buyers?

  7. Are your fees negotiable?

  8. At what price do you think my house will sell in the current market? And why?

  9. Can you give me a written Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and a list of homes currently on the market?                                                               
  10. What is your advertising and marketing plan for my house?

  11. How long must I list my house with you?

  12. How long have you been a real estate agent and how much education have you received?

  13. Is your real estate license in good standing and have you ever been subject to a client complaint?
  14. Can you provide me the names and phone numbers of past clients as references?
  15. Do you work with stagers or will you stage my home?

  16. How often will you communicate with me?             
  17. Why should I hire you over your competition?

  18. May I see the documents I will have to sign?

  19. What will be my closing costs?                                      
  20. Can you explain the process to me?

  21. Do you have a website and/or blog?

  22. What haven’t I asked you that I need to know?