Why You Should Stage Your Home

                        Before                             After

*  There is only one opportunity to make a first impression and your home must look its best to stand out from the competition, attract qualified buyers, and sell quickly for top dollar.

*  A home that is cluttered, dull or in disrepair in furniture or accessories will be harder to sell.  An empty home will strike most buyers as cold and uninviting, even if it is in top condition. 

*  The emergence of the Internet and online virtual tours has made staging even more important for selling a home fast and for top dollar.  Most buyers today see the home for the first time in internet photos and virtual tours.  If they don’t see a beautifully furnished home that captures their imagination, chances are they won’t bother to visit the home in person.

*  Both occupied and unoccupied homes can be staged.  The stagers will look for opportunities to work with existing furniture and may ask the home owner to move or replace some furniture and accessories with the staged items.

*  The stagers need 1-2 days to plan the project and another 1-3 days to complete the staging.  Costs vary depending on the size and style of the home.